Dr.Web Security Space Pro 6

Dr.Web Security Space's purpose is to keep your PC safe from a variety of threats. Several components have been included in this application by the developer to ensure it properly protects your PC: real-time protection, scanner that identifies a variety of threats, spam filter, parental controls, and firewall. 

A modern PC will easily meet Dr.Web Security Space’s system requirements: 512Mb of RAM memory or more, about 375MB of free disk space, internet connection for registration and updating, 32 or 64-bit Windows edition (anything from XP up to Windows 8). To get Dr.Web Security Space up and running you will have to go through a standard setup procedure: download an installer, run it, follow the instructions presented by a setup wizard. Once the wizard is done with the installation process, you will be asked to restart your machine.

After you restart your machine, you will see a Dr.Web Scanner shortcut on your desktop. This allows you to run an on-demand system scan. You can choose between an Express Scan (scans critical system objects), a Complete Scan (scans all your files), or a Custom Scan (scans the objects you select or the files and folders you drag and drop here).

You will also notice a new icon in the system tray. From it you can access all the components that make up Dr.Web Security Space: SpIDer Guard, SpIDer Mail, SpIDer Gate, Parental Control, Firewall, Updater, Scanner, tools.

From a functionality point of view, you can expect to get the following from Dr.Web Security Space: on-demand scanner that detects a variety of threats, real-time protection against malware, protection against malicious emails and spam, protection against potentially dangerous websites, block access to certain websites, block access to removable data storage devices, limit internet and computer time, restrict access to certain devices (disk drives, audio cards, gaming devices, and so on), firewall, quarantine dangerous files.

With Dr.Web Security Space on your Windows-powered machine you can rest assured that your PC and your data are safe and secure.

The application’s system requirements can be easily met. Little time will be spent on getting Dr.Web Security Space up and running. The application comes with a nice selection of components that will keep your PC, your data, and your child safe and secure.

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