Panda Internet Security 2011

One of the pioneers of the internet security industry, Panda first launched a cloud-based scanner in 2007 – well ahead of the competition. Panda has been in the security business for over 20 years and has customers in nearly 200 countries. They have now translated their software into over 20 languages. They were the first internet security company to provide cloud-based antivirus protection in 2009 and launched the first Host Intrusion Prevention System in 2004. They are market innovators who keep in step with the equally creative cybercrime industry.
This internet security suite is a comprehensive total protection solution. It has parental controls, a firewall, a safe browser, a USB drive disinfector, a network manager, email protection and much more. It comes with useful extras such as 2GB of free online backup, restoration tools and remote PC access. It has tools for protecting your identity and contact information as well as a virtual keyboard for hiding login information from keyloggers.

Panda has the technology to analyze behavior to detect suspiciously behaving websites and files. It also has a tool for removing infected files from externally connected devices such as a USB drive. It can detect potentially dangerous threats attempting to migrate from within your network as well.
The Panda security suite also comes with access to the Panda Safe Browser. This browser secures Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, it works best on Firefox, which Panda considers a safer browser than IE. The safe browser is a virtual machine, which means it runs completely isolated from your PC to provide complete security. In addition, since it does not run on your PC it also does not save website history, so you can enjoy private browsing. This tool also provides a safe zone for conducting online purchases and exchanging your sensitive information such as credit card numbers, address and social security number. The Safe Browser, since it is a virtual machine, may run a bit slower than what you are used to but is well worth the protection.

The Panda Internet Security Suite has the ability to clean infected USB drives and block your personal information, and it includes parental control tools and a full screen mode. It includes all basic features were we were hoping to find and a few extras such as online backup, restoration tools and remote PC access.
With the parental control tool you can create profiles for kids, teens, employees or any other type of user. It can also manage block and allow lists for each user profile. If you are worried about what your kids might be doing while you are away, you can configure Panda to create reports of restricted websites that your teens attempt to access. The identity protection tool lets you configure exactly what information you do not want shared online without your permission, such as your social security or credit card number. To protect you data and media even further they provide 2GB of free online storage, and you can access your computer and applications settings remotely. Another powerful tool it has is the ability to create a Panda SafeCD, which can safely remove malware from your computer if you cannot access Windows.
This internet security software can perform custom scans as well as scheduled scans. You can also configure it to scan files on a disc or USB drive, emails, instant messages and websites. It can also run vulnerability scans to look for outdated software such as missing Windows updates.

Panda publishes volumes of support information online but only provides direct support via email. They publish telephone numbers, but those numbers are not for technical support; they are only for customer sales inquiries. Fortunately, they provide a quick start guide, FAQs and a searchable knowledgebase online. You can follow Panda on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube. They also host an active user forum that discusses all basic topics and current issues.
Panda provides global support. They have over 50 offices spread across the globe, and their Panda Internet Security is available in over 20 languages, including Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese. They provide unique contact avenues for different regions and languages. Their headquarters are in Spain and they have U.S. headquarters in Glendale, California.


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