Tomb Raider Anniversary PC Game

939 Tomb Raider Anniversary PC Game

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a game, which harks back to the roots of cycle – the original from 1996. But the new title isn’t just a copy of old Tomb Raider with new pics. Though the action is embedded in the same locations, the architecture and mode of defeating levels are completely different.
This solution has a complete walkthrough of the feature mode of Tomb Raider: Anniversary on the medium level. You will find there localization of guns, ammo, first-aid kits, description of characters, enemies and armory, learn about rules of finding artefacts and relics and avail yourself on tips about battles with the bosses.
1. In time of battle move, dodge, jump etc. In this way you will keep out of the gunshots.
2. The checkpoints – places, from where you may continue the gameplay in case you die, so the most difficult actions do rather near this points.
3. If near to you is any band, it will switch blue, when you are close to it.
4. Lara`s diary may help you, when you don’t know what to do.
5. Where the monster is keeping you in tooth or clawing you, you can free if you push alternately the directions left – right.
6. In time you are standing too long on the top of the pillar or on the edge you may unexpectedly overbalance, so in this case push quickly and periodically the key of balance – this is „E”.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Download PC Game

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Direct Download Pc Game TOMB RAIDER ANNIVERSARY for PC

Lara is back! She's better than ever!
The adventure begins when Lara is hired by a powerful syndicate to retrieve a mythical object called the Scion. As Lara searches ancient tombs and isolated worlds that have lain undisturbed for thousands of years, she discovers that she is not alone. Not only has she awoken their fearsome guardians but there are others desperate to learn the Scion’s dark secrets.

Celebrate and commemorate ten years of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft with Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a new action adventure inspired by the original Tomb Raider video game, one of the greatest action adventure games of all time.

New Features:

- Play the living Lara Croft, the world’s greatest action heroine of all time – use all of Lara’s guile, athleticism and gadgets in her quest to conquer the unknown and uncover ancient artefacts.

- Includes classic environments from the original Tomb Raider as never experienced before – Crystal Dynamics latest technology allows you to fluidly manoeuvre Lara using her latest moves and gear, through all the worlds from the original; Peru, Greece, Egypt and more. The dynamic world allows multiple playthrough options and also opens up new places and ways to explore. Crystal’s latest technology allows the environments to take on a breath taking new quality.

- Explore uncharted and mysterious worlds – enter into strange, undiscovered lands and solve their deepest, darkest mysteries, open doors to new realms, uncover great rewards and unearth secrets to Lara’s past.

- Startling enemy encounters – encounter fierce animal and supernatural enemies, wolves, bears, crocodiles, horrific monsters and the T Rex. New and improved AI means that all enemies will exhibit a more diverse behaviour set, providing improved combat challenges for the player. 
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