Fix Photo’s Flaws with Pixlr App

Pixlr Express App

Pixlr Express free mobile app for photo editing, Fix Photo’s Flaws with Pixlr, proves to be highly efficient and quick at improving the image quality of the mobile photos. The application has choices to either fix a photo from the existing album or to take a new photo to edit and fix.

Download Fix Photo’s Flaws with Pixlr to the mobile phones to edit and fix images over four characteristics – adjustment, borders, effect and overlay. The adjustment section enables the user to edit detail oriented parts of the photo with choices to crop, color, denoise, whiten, etc.
Also the auto fix option of the adjustment section enables the user to bring the image out of the back ground so as to ensure clarity of the image. The borders toolbar allows the user to add various types of borders to the image as found in most of the photo editing apps. The effects toolbar of Fix Photo’s Flaws with Pixlr app provides various choices of effects for the image, though only default effects are available for the free versions. The overlay section enables the user to add some new content to the image rather than just editing the image such as adding scratches or small shapes to the image. Fix Photo’s Flaws with Pixlr proves to be a valuable mobile app with various choices for photo editing.

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