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Color FX App for Android / iOS, Color Effects, enables the user to edit the images in gray scale and change the hue parts of the image into different colors. Though coloring was never just for kids app has features only to enable coloring of the images, the quality of the colored image proves very high and appealing.

Coloring was never just for kids app can be used for coloring of images downloaded from the Facebook profile, images taken from the mobile and images existing in the mobile library. The image chosen for coloring is immediately turned into grayscale and the app presents the user with wide range f colors to choose from which could also made darker or brighter.
Options to choose the brush size and intensity of the color are also included in the coloring was never just for kids app. Further there is an eye dropper function which enables the user to copy a color to the selected image. In addition, coloring was never just for kids app also has the facility to zoom the selected image so as to enable better coloring of details of the picture. Once done, the app saves the image to the library from where it could be shared through email or Facebook accounts.
Color Effects (or “Color FX”) — Free Android / iOS App
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