Songza App Sets the Mood with a Melody

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Songza new app for iPhone and iPad, Songza sets the Mood with a Melody, proves to provide the users with wide variety of choices of songs to in their moods.

Upon installation, sign in screen shows up which enables the user to sign up with the Songza account or with the Facebook account. Once the user sign in Songza sets the Mood with a Melody app presents the user with choices related to the moods of the user which include having a romantic night, winding up after a long day, bed time, brand new music, popular genres etc.
Songza sets the Mood with a Melody app thus proves to be unique in categorizing the songs according to the moods of the user rather than categorizing them based on singers or languages as commonly found in other similar apps. Also Songza sets the Mood with a Melody app enables the user to refine the playlist recommendations in accordance with his feedback. Another attractive feature of the app is that it has only one ad placed at the bottom of the banner, thus ensuring that the pleasant music experience does not get spoiled by any intermittent commercials
Songza — The Free Android / iOS App of the Week
For iPhone and iPad
Size: 26.6 MB
For Android
Size: Varies with size
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