Download NetQin Mobile Security 5.6

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NetQin Mobile Security is a wonder product that protects Android devices malicious threats and improves system speed. Cloud and client twin engine technology of the NetQin Mobile Security provides real-time protection to mobile devices.

 NetQin Mobile Security Software provides effective zero day threat protection with its frequent updates. Other notable features of the mobile security software include the Anti-lost feature, GPS tracking, and contact backup system. The mobile security software is highly effective when it comes to detecting and eliminating viruses. The security suite comes with multiple options such as one-touch scan, full scan, scheduled scan and real time protection.
The software blocks websites that pose threat to the mobile devices and gives prior warning on the malicious URLs. The traffic monitoring feature of the software keeps track of the data usage and helps in avoiding unexpected hike in phone bills. The device optimization feature of the software optimizes memory, CPU, and battery by closing applications that are not in use and by trash removal. This feature improves the overall efficiency of the smart phone. The contacts back up feature enables users to store valuable contacts on to the server for retrieval during emergency. The Anti-lost feature helps you to lock or wipe out sensitive data in the mobile phone and thus prevents loss of money or privacy.

Download NetQin Mobile Security

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