Facebook Messenger App – Faster Way to Message

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Are you one who uses instant messaging and sms services frequently? If yes then Facebook Messenger app could be a great tool in your mobile phone. While tackling a large number of friends over the phone using sms text messages could be a cumbersome process, facebook messenger app for android can make it easy for you.

Facebook messenger app for iOS and android mobile devices not only makes it easy to chat or send text messages to a large number of friends but also can keep you up to date as far as friends are concerned. The facebook messenger app comprises all of the features available in facebook enabling users to have fun through social networking.
This although excites the users that are crazy about text messages, many reviewers wonder why one such app is required at all? However, the publisher clarifies that the facebook messenger client is much faster than the tools already present in the original facebook. Some of the advantages of Facebook messenger apps include SMS option while sending messages, avail phone numbers from facebook account, and the like. As far as the downside is concerned reviewers of facebook messenger app question the privacy factor involved in it.

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