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PC Tools Spyware Doctor internet security 2012 is an award winning combination of anti spyware, antivirus, anti spam and firewall. The Spyware doctor is a very popular spyware protection that has a great download history.
PC Tools Spyware Doctor internet security 2012 is very effective when it comes to detecting, removing, and blocking spyware, viruses, Trojans, and malware. It is one of the most trusted security products that offer excellent protection and safety features. The 2012 version of the product has been renovated for PC speed and fast scans. With PC Tools Spyware Doctor internet security 2012, browsing websites, online shopping and online banking is much safer.
The software allows you to safely socialize on social networks and eliminates the fear of falling prey to phishing websites and data theft. The latest version is engineered to achieve maximum speed and doesn’t interfere in day to day activities of your system. It works silently on the background and is vigilant towards any threats to your system. The new interface has been designed with care for the ease of use. Almost all of the features of the software can be accessible within a click or two from the main interface. The regular updates and free support to all subscribers is yet another plus for the software.
Platforms: Designed for Windows® 7, Windows Vista® and Windows® XP.
Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 (32bit only)
  • CPU: Pentium® 4 or equivalent 400 Mhz (minimum) | Core™2Duo or equivalent 1 Ghz (recommended)
  • Memory: 512MB (minimum) | 1024 MB (recommended)
Microsoft Windows® Vista (32bit or SP2 64bit) Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
  • CPU: 1 Ghz‡ (minimum) | Core2Duo or equivalent 1Ghz (recommended)
  • Memory: 1024 MB for 32 bit or 2048 MB for 64 bit (minimum)‡ | 2048 MB (recommended)
Hardware Requirements
  • HDD: 500 MB free
  • Video: SVGA (800×600)
  • CD-ROM drive (if not installing via electronic software download)
  • Internet access is required to register product and receive product updates†
† User is responsible for Internet service provider account, all Internet access fees and phone charges.
‡ These are the minimum system requirements for the operating system.
Support for Browser Protection Features
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later (32-bit only)
  • Mozilla Firefox® 3.0 or later
Email scanning supported for standard POP3 and SMTP compatible email clients.
Support for Email Client Toolbar
  • Microsoft Outlook® XP or later
  • Mozilla® Thunderbird® 2 or later
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