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Tablets are gaining momentum as they are cheap, easy to carry, and do most of the functions of netbook and even more. Tablets too need as much care as PCs and lap tops.

Of late cyber criminals target mobile devices since most of the tech savvy people prefer to have all of their sensitive information in mobile devices. Kaspersky Tablet Security comes to you as an ultimate solution to protect your tablets from being infected from viruses or your data being stolen by cyber criminals.
Kaspersky Tablet Security which protects Android tablets comes with advanced antivirus, spyware and malware protection, cloud based protection and innovative anti theft features. The software provides complete protection against viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware and malicious links and websites floated with the intension of phishing and data theft.
While all other features of the Kaspersky Tablet Security functions in a similar way to that of PC protection software, the highlight of the product is its anti theft feature. Using the software you can prevent using it, delete sensitive data, locate the tablet, or even take a mugshot image of the unauthorized user or thief when they try to use your tablet. With all of these amazing features the software has little impact on the performance of the tablet.
Kaspersky Tablet Security Company Review:
Why Your Tablet Needs Security
For years, experts have been predicting an onslaught of mobile malware.  But only now, with newer, more accessible platforms and applications are the doors truly swinging open to malicious attacks on mobile devices.  At the same time, our usage of tablets is centered around the web (just like a PC, or even more). We surf the web, email, text, Twitter, Facebook, and download applications.  We even do more and more of our shopping and banking from our tablets.  All of which open you up to the same vulnerabilities you face on your PC.  You vigilantly protect PC – you should also do the same with your tablet.
Additionally, your tablet houses so much of your personal information – contacts, emails, texts, pictures and more.  What if you lose it or it falls into the wrong hands?  With Kaspersky Tablet Security, you’re protected with the latest anti-theft technologies from one of the most respected security labs in the world. Source: (Kaspersky Tablet Security)

Kaspersky Tablet Security:

  • Automatic virus-scanning of downloaded apps
  • Real-time protection against dangerous links and web-pages
  • Allows easy communication with your lost or stolen tablet
Supported Platforms
  • Android v 2.2 and Higher
  • Minimum screen resolution 480*800
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