USB Disk Storage Format Tool

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Earlier floppies were used for storage and booting systems during emergencies. With improvement in technology USB flash drives have become the modern method of digital storage.

USB disk storage format tool has been created to format and make a bootable USB drive. This tool is a compact and useful product of HP intended to help users in thoroughly and quickly formatting USB flash drives and creating bootable disks.
The interface of the USB disk storage format tool is quite simple which pops up dialogs for selecting device, file system and entering volume label. As soon as USB drive is inserted the tool can identify the file type. It provides options to format the drive either using FAT system or NTFS. Once the USB drive is formatted it can be made in to a bootable disk using the USB disk storage format tool. This tool comes to users free of cost and is available for download from various websites. This tool is a must have for Windows operating system users because it can enhance the power and capability of the operating system.

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