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Tailoring the news feeds to suit the interests of the user has been made easier with Peruse the Net with Pulse – the mobile app which provides for conglomeration of the information chosen from various categories of interests.

The mobile app enables the user to set the default categories of interest over which he wishes to receive news feeds. As the user completes the initial setup on categories of news feeds, Peruse the Net with Pulse presents the user with a list of pre picked media news feeds for each categories of interest chosen by the user.
The app also allows the user to read the news article directly from the source website apart from reading it from the in app article. Further Peruse the Net with Pulse comes with the features to edit the news feeds viewed under each category. The user could either remove the existing news feeds or add new articles into the categories. The variety of sites offered by the app for the user to follow on the net proves to be highly appealing and attractive. Overall Peruse the Net with Pulse proves to be a one stop solution for the users to follow their favorite news feeds from the net.
Pulse — Free Android / iOS App of the Week
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Size: 5.0 MB
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Size: 24.8 MB
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