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Avid readers and amateur writers are now provided with a one stop solution to their conundrum. Wattpad, the new Android / iOS app provides the users with the much waited online community of writers.

This enables the writers to interact with their peer in the same field and thereby receive feedback which is invaluable to beginners. Find a Whole New Library with Wattpad app also presents the avid readers with a holistic list of books corresponding to all genres to choose from. The readers could choose a book which would get downloaded and saved to the Wattpad library enabling the user to read at own discretion.
Reading books had been made much simpler with Find a Whole New Library with Wattpad app where transition between pages is enabled through right and left taps. Further the app also enables the user to share those favorite books he read with his friends through Facebook or email accounts. To the amateur writers, Find a Whole New Library with Wattpad app provides access to a community of interested readers who would readily accept to read and give feedback on their works. The app has features to create a new story file for each write up and thereby upload the title and the text for the readers to assess.
Wattpad — Free Android / iOS App of the Week
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